The Beauty of Handmade Rollerball and Ballpoint Pens

Each pen is a handmade work of art.

No two pens are the same. Every piece of material has been handpicked.

Whether it is the beautiful white and black swirls of marble, the deep green colors of the malachite, or kirinite imported from England.

American Hard Goods uses the finest materials for each handmade work of art. To add to the luxury of each pen you have the choice of silver, 24kt gold, or rhodium one of the world's most expensive metals.

Imagine the smile of your loved ones writing with a pen specifically crafted for them.

Purchase your new pen to today to give the gift of pure writing pleasure to a friend, loved one, or you!

"The white marble Pluma de Mármol handcrafted ballpoint business pen I purchased from American Hard Goods is the best writing instrument I have ever used...I highly recommend ordering a pen from this company" - Judy Kern




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Each handmade ballpoint and rollerball pen is made unique and has no replica.

Returns are accepted due to shipping damages 15 days after the purchase of a pen. Learn more about our shipping policy 

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