This handmade wood pen has been skillfully created for people who have a taste for the best life has to offer.


The elegance of even one simple item, such as a lavish handmade rollerball pen, can help distinguish a person from others.


A writing utensil that provides both a smooth writing experience, as well as the class and elegance you would expect from a luxury pen manufacturer. That is sure to help you feel confident in completing the task at hand.


Our Oscar’s Point Goncalo Alves pen meets all the requirements of a luxury pen. Style, unmatched design quality, and most importantly an unforgettable writing experience.


This very special handcrafted wood pen is made out of individually handpicked exotic hardwood from South America known as Goncalo Alves.


This is exotic hardwood is often referred to as tigerwood, it contains a beautifully dramatic contrasting-color scheme that can come in handy when looking to complement many different luxury accessories.


Much like fine wine or exclusive cigars the true beauty of the Goncalo Alves hardwood comes alive with time, each passing day results in an everchanging color contrast due to exposure and age.


The Oscar’s Point Goncalo Alves handcrafted rollerball pen is absolutely no different.

Our designers made sure the Oscar’s Point Goncalo Alves pen will become a coveted family treasure for generations to come.


This Pen Is Handmade From The Following Materials:


  • Goncalo Alves Wood From South America
  • 24kt Gold With A Gloss Black Finish
  • Ink Type: Rollerball
  • Ink Brand: German Made "Schneider Top Ball 850"
  • Color: Jetblack Ink
  • Replaceable Ink Cartridge


All our handmade pens come with a complementary display case for the protection of your new writing instrument.

Oscar's Point Goncalo Alves

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