Our expertly designed handmade rollerball artisan pen was crafted solely to help you stand out. Don't let the average writing instrument define you


The process of making a Pluma de Mármol luxury rollerball pen out of black and gold precious stone is incredibly long and difficult.


But the end result is a heavy and well-balanced artisan pen beautifully adorned with the finest 24kt gold accents that complement the deep black and bright gold shine of the stone.


American Hard Goods uses nothing less than the highest quality German rollerball ink. This ink creates an impeccably smooth and exquisite writing experience.  


A handmade artisan business pen of this quality and superior craftmanship is certain to captivate anyone who lays their eyes on it and set you far above the average user of a cheap writing instrument. 


Our expert designers made sure that the Pluma de Mármol Rollerball was created to become a coveted family treasure that could be passed down the generations for years to come. 


Order today to experience the most exquisite in writing luxury!


All of American Hard Goods' luxury business pens come with a complementary display case for the protection of your new writing instrument.

Pluma de Mármol Rollerball

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