Handcrafted Rollerball Business Pen


When you need to make an impression as you sign important documents, rely on American Hard Goods’ handmade rollerball business pen. This stylish marble pen will add gravitas to any of your written words.


Highlight the Importance of the Occasion


Cheap plastic pens are bland and replaceable. With the Pluma de Mármol Rollerball, however, you can instantly acknowledge the importance of the agreement you put your signature to or of the note you write to a loved one. When you use this one-of-a-kind pen, you pay homage to the history of writing.


You can also make an excellent impression at important signings and business meetings, as our beautiful handcrafted rollerball business pen identifies you as an individual of taste, with a keen sense of responsibility.


Enjoy a Reliable, Stylish Writing Tool


Our Pluma de Mármol Rollerball is handmade from Italian white marble, finished with rhodium and includes a sophisticated rollerball nib and replaceable Schneider Top Ball 850 ink cartridge. Rather than worry about a disposable plastic pen’s performance, you can rely on this beautifully balanced rollerball business pen to provide a smooth, even stroke across the paper every time.


If you want to use a pen capable of becoming a family treasure, be sure to purchase the Pluma de Mármol Rollerball pen today. Feel free to browse the rest of our stock for equally superior writing options.

Handcrafted Rollerball Business Pen

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