Handcrafted Rollerball Business Pen

Imagine this every professional businessman or woman must use the right tool for the job. Most people settle for an average Bic pen usually made from cheap plastic meant to be discarded when the ink dries up.


How can you sign an important document, note, or love letter to that special someone with a plastic throwaway pen? The gift of writing has been passed down throughout generations at American Hard Goods Inc. we believe in making writing instruments that will withstand the test of time.


Our Pluma de Mármol Rollerball pen is handcrafted with love and care with the highest ideals of quality in mind. The process of making a handmade rollerball business pen out of a precious stone is a slow and painstakingly long one, however, the end result of a polished stone ore rollerball business pen is the purest form of luxury.


The Pluma de Mármol Rollerball is a beautifully balanced, heavy, and surprisingly smooth writing experience, a handcrafted pen of this quality and craftmanship is certain to captivate anyone who lays their eyes on it. 


Rest assured the Pluma de Mármol Rollerball is sure to become a coveted family treasure for generations to come.


This Pen Is Handmade To Perfection Out Of The Following Materials:


  • Italian White Marble 
  • Rhodium 
  • Ink Type: Rollerball
  • Ink Cartridge: German Made "Schneider Top Ball 850"
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Refillable? Yes

Pluma de Mármol Rollerball

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