Whether you’re in the field of business or dealing with any project that requires handwritten documentation, most people will agree that the pen itself can make all the difference in the world. Not only does American Hard Goods provide the tools for the ultimate writing experience, but these pens are made to stand out from the rest.


The Reina de los Cristales Ballpoint pen is a great example of a writing utensil that is both reliable and fashionable. This handmade ballpoint artesian pen is a favorite amongst those who like to stand out from the majority. 


Our Reina de los Cristales Ballpoint pen stands out from the rest. The base of this beautifully handcrafted ballpoint pen is made of lime green Kirinite; a very durable, hard-wearing material, while the 50 Swarovski crystals give the Reina de Los Cristales the dazzling and extremely elegant characteristics you would expect. Kirinite is a beautiful cast thermoset acrylic material. Produced in England, it is used extensively for writing instruments, fashion accessories, interior design purposes and custom knife handles. the Reina de Los Cristales Ballpoint paired with the lime green Kirinite is quite the fashion statement and is sure to impress all who gaze upon it.


Rest assured, the Reina de los Cristales Ballpoint pen is sure to become a coveted family treasure for generations to come.


This Pen Is Handmade With The Following Materials:


  • Lime Green Kirinite Imported From England 
  • 24kt Gold Finish
  • 50 Swarvoski Crystals
  • Pen Type: Ballpoint
  • Ink Brand: Parker Style
  • Color: Jetblack Ink
  • Refillable


All of American Hard Goods handmade ballpoint pens come with a complementary display case for the protection of your new writing instrument.

Reina de Los Cristales Ball Point

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