Handmade Fountain Pen


On a mission to create beautiful artisan pens

Walter Moreira, CEO, and the founder of American Hard Goods. Established a rule for himself at a young age, to always go the extra mile.


He remembered his mother encouraging him to write thank you cards when he received a gift from someone.


This stemmed into a deep appreciation for an art form that seems to be fading away quickly, penmanship.


"How can I get more people to want to write, to be more personal, to make an impact?"


This is something Walter thought often. It was in his high school years that Walter found the answer. While enrolled in an advanced manufacturing class. 


Walter found his beloved mentor Mr. Wahnish, the manufacturing instructor also shared Walter's love for creating and making a difference.


In the three years, Walter attended Mr. Wahnish's class he was able to develop a unique style of handcrafted pen making.


It became clear that the art of thank you cards, letters, and gift-giving could be brought back to light.


The world's most thoughtful gifts are those that take both:

  •  Time 

  • Effort

One of the things that is, unfortunately, fading away in the 21st century are thoughtful gifts and the beauty of handwritten letters. 


Walter emphasized the importance of these small acts of kindness and founded American Hard Goods in 2018. His mission; to encourage and bring back the art of penmanship.


American Hard Goods is conveniently located in Orlando, Florida. AHG produces both handcrafted artisan rollerball and artisan ballpoint pen styles. For men and women who share the love of writing and beauty of fine craftsmanship. 


Experience the best in handcrafted writing luxury.