American Hard Goods is a luxury pen manufacturer in Orlando Fl. Experience the joy of true writing bliss. Order your new handcrafted pen today. Never rely on a boring writing instrument again!


Are you interested in how we make our artisan pens? Watch the video below to learn more!  

American Hard Goods specializes in crafting both handmade ballpoint and handmade rollerball artisan pens. Using, exclusive luxury materials from around the world.

Our goal is to bring back the beauty of penmanship in a unique way.


We handmake the finest handmade rollerball artisan pens and handmade ballpoint artisan pens. 

Imagine this: Each day we write grocery lists, love letters, poetry, and even sign contracts that can be worth millions of dollars.


But we commonly use writing instruments that have little to no value, cheap plastic pens with low-quality ink that will, unfortunately, be discarded after their time has run-up.​

Important events and documents should be signed with only the finest of luxury writing instruments during life. Why not write with a beautiful luxury pen?


As a maker of business pens based out of Orlando fl. Each one of our handmade pens has three things in mind:

  1. Quality of work 

  2. Design of the handcrafted ballpoint and handmade rollerball pen styles 

  3. The user experience 

We combine; quality, design, and the users' experience to create the best-handcrafted pens. In order to make a luxury pen of this quality we only use the most high-end materials that are hand-selected by our artisan pen makers.   ​

A high-end pen does not have to cost thousands of dollars. 

Life's special moments should be written in luxury. With, the world's finest artisan handcrafted pens.

Check out our beautiful business pens below or, head to our shop tab at the top left-hand corner of our page to purchase your unique pen today! Never be without a memorable pen again.

Featured Luxurious Handmade Writing Pens

"The white marble pen I bought is the best writing instrument I have ever used...I highly recommend ordering a pen from American Hard Goods" - Judy Kern



Bringing the lost art of penmanship back!